What’s Up In The Sky – May 2024 Astronomical Events

by Harshit Stargazing Expert
May 02, 2024

What's Up In The Sky - May 2024 Astronomical Events

Certainly! Celestial events refer to remarkable occurrences in the sky, often involving celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and other cosmic phenomena. These events capture our imagination and provide opportunities for stargazing, astronomical observations, and scientific study. In this blog, we will learn about events coming in May. Here are some notable celestial events for May 2024.

Conjunction of Moon and Saturn (May 4):

Moon and Saturn will be close to each other on the night. While viewing it with the naked eye, it will appear as a bright star near the moon, but when you see it through a telescope, you will be able to observe the rings around Saturn. It will be visible starting at midnight around 1:00 am.

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower (May 4/5):

Also known as the “Earthgazers,”  you may observe up to 60 meteors per hour in the Southern Hemisphere as the peak of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower occurs. These meteors are the debris of Halley’s comet and create a spectacular display as they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. What makes them special is the quantity of meteors and their speed. It’s an event to not miss out on. 


New Moon (May 8):

A moonless night is considered, perfect for night sky observation. During the New Moon phase, the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun, rendering it invisible in the night sky.

During this phase, you can look for deep sky objects (DSO) very clearly. This absence of moonlight allows for optimal viewing of faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters.

Earthshine Nights (May 11/12):

Earthshine occurs when sunlight reflects off the Earth and illuminates the dark portion of the crescent moon. It is a beautiful phenomenon to observe. The ideal time for witnessing Earthshine is 9:30 pm onwards. 

Flower Moon/Full Moon (May 23):

Named after spring flowers, the phenomenon occurs when the full Moon is on the opposite side of Earth as the Sun, fully illuminating its face. Early Native American tribes referred to this moon as the Flower Moon. It is also called the budding and seed moon, representing different aspects of nature and seasonal spring-related activities.

The conjunction of Moon and Saturn (May 31)

Planets in our solar system have elliptical orbits around the Sun that are somewhat slanted away from one another. It appears to us from Earth that other planets are roaming the heavens. Because of their alignment, planets might appear to be in the same area of the night sky at times, even though they are millions of kilometers apart. In this instance, the Moon and Saturn will approach closely, passing each other by just 0.33 degrees.

Why should YOU know about these events?

Celestial events have captivated human interest for millennia, serving as a source of wonder, scientific inquiry, and cultural significance. Many cultures interpret celestial events through the lens of mythology and spirituality, often seeing them as omens or messages from the divine. These events are perfect for skywatchers and provide great opportunities for astrophotographers. Remember to adjust to your local time when planning to observe these events.

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