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Rahul Tanwar
Rahul Tanwar
Food is the best till date I ever had in a resort.Two most remarkable events are cultural program and astronomy session. Also Pottery and trekking, sunrise -sunset points ,along with variety of flora and fauna available to explore. Staff is really polite and Yes man.You can ask for anything and staff will say YES..Mr Rakesh of restaurant is very good and understood the requirements of my 3 year old toddler.Cherry on the cake was Mr.Shekawat.
Ajitesh Kaicker
Ajitesh Kaicker
Great place for an astro vacation. You'll have some good night sky observations. Hosted well by Mr Rakesh at the restaurant
Sheenam Varma
Sheenam Varma
Very polite staff and excellent service. The astronomy session was very well executed and conducted. Definitely one should come here
Rajeev Rai
Rajeev Rai
It was a great experience at Astroport Sariska.

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Best Time to See MilkyWay Galaxy – Perfect For Stargazing In India

The Milky Way galaxy is a vast stellar system that contains our solar system, along with billions of other stars, planets, nebulae, and other celestial objects. It’s a barred spiral […]

Voyager’s Golden Records: The Message has been Sent.

Introduction Imagine if we had the opportunity to send a single message into the vast expanse of space, a message that would represent our Earth and potentially be the first […]

Europa: The First Destination in the quest of Extraterrestrial Life

Speaking of the search for extraterrestrial life, the celestial body currently under the spotlight is one of the Galilean moons, namely  Europa. Who would have thought that even a small […]

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