Intern – Marketing & Communication

by astroport
August 24, 2023


– Work with online and offline trading platforms to generate new leads and business

– Liaising with existing clients and help execute their routinely orders.

– Generating New revenue by up-selling existing clients

– Researching and innovating new product ideas and strategies

– Actively partake in trade shows and events to keep up with market trends and products.

– Co-ordinating with sourcing offices and handling the orders placing and delivery

– Maintaining a working and healthy relationship with clients and ensure client satisfaction


– At least have a High School Diploma certificate or above.

– Fluent in English and Mandarin, knowledge in Cantonese will be an advantage

– Must have experience in operating with b2b online trading platforms

– Should be presentable with strong interpersonal skills as well as be able to multi-task

– Initiative and good customer service skills


Annual Paid leave, health and medical insurance provided, brand product samples are distributed amongst employees

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